Individual Verification of Elements (IVE)

If you are contracted with Credentialing Corporation to provide services through the Individual Verification of Elements (IVE) product, you may complete your request for services on line here and submit the request electronically. This website is secure and the information you send will be treated as confidential information. When completing the request, include the Client ID# assigned to you by CCA. When you have completed the data form, please review the form for quality purposes. Those fields that are mandatory to complete are highlighted in red, however the amount of identifying information provided will impact our ability to identify the correct provider in a timely manner.

Most requests are processed within one working day of receipt, then checked for quality purposes and transmitted the following working day.  If you have omitted a piece of information that is essential for processing, your designated contact person will receive an email from CCA telling you what additional information is necessary. You will need to attest that you have a signed release from the provider. Occasionally a primary source will require a copy of the release in order to process the request. If this is needed, CCA will contact you.

When you submit the request to CCA, a copy will be sent to the email address that you enter at the bottom of the form.

If you have any questions about the on-line request process, or if you're interested in receiving information on CCA, you may contact us at (440) 895-1900 or 1-866-222-0034.

Your internet browser may have a "time-out" limitation on it. Please complete and send this application within one hour of starting it, otherwise some data may be lost before it is sent to CCA.

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